Erica Carr is an artist and a professional who is dedicated to the business of beauty and the art of pleasing every client. With over 25 years of experience in the hair and makeup industry, Erica has fashioned signature looks for celebrities and models, created bold styles for magazine photo shoots, and produced flawless finishes for actors in television shows and commercials. 

Erica has also given brides and bridal parties impeccable hair and makeup for over 3,000 weddings. Beauty may be fleeting, but if anyone can pin it down and make it stick for photos, it’s Erica Carr. From Modern Bride to Vogue, she has done it all.

 She attributes her success to her ability to strike a  balance between  her imaginative, creative  perspective  and  her willingness to  listen and take direction. 

“I love the collaboration that comes from working with an inspired client—whether that client is a stylist, a fashion photographer, a model, or an excited bride. I thrive off of the joy and satisfaction that I’m able to give when I can take someone else’s vision and make it a reality.”

Erica loves to give back and has created educational programs that have reached a large global market in addition to tapping some of the best educators on the planet to teach for her. Class, Where the  Masters Teach was created in 2013 and launched in 2016 as the biggest beauty conference in the world and the only one dedicated to hands on practice. Her contribution to beauty education continues to prosper and she plans on producing more large format events around the world.